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Omer is a simple and honest young man, devoted to his porodicii, but three friends who are familiar with from childhood. After a long stay in the army, Omer returned home to Istanbul, and learned that he was wrongly accused of robbery and murder. Beingplaced in prison, and after twelve years of suffering, his hatred of friends has become stronger. After the plastic surgery that hewas completely changed person, Omer Uncar become a new man – Ezel standard bearer, a young and successful businessman, the man specialized in various combat techniques and reading human intentions, but very successful gambler. Decides that, as a stranger visiting Cyprus in order to take revenge.

Omer is a nice Eysan love since childhood. After a long stay in the army, Omer returned home, happy to finally woo the woman of his dreams is to establish her family, but after he left prison, she married Cengiz, although still in love with Omar.

Cengiz was Omer’s best friend, who during his absence, along with Ali devised a cunning plan, and spent the casino robbery, killing one guard and leaving enough of false evidence that will Umar accuse and condemn the life sentence.

But he was Omer’s longtime friend who worked as a mechanic with him in autolimarskoj workshop in Istanbul.

Ramiz is a mob boss whom he met in prison Omer. In fact, he liked Omer’s life story, so it was decided to prepare for revenge.One night in the prison settlement Omer’s person died, but was unable to save Ramiz and taken to the hospital so that itoperated. Then Umar started a new life.

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Ezel” is one of the most popular Turkish TV series. The story was inspired by a series of novel A. Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo”, and in Turkey soon after the start of impressions gained increasing popularity of the series” 1001 Nights “…

Omer Ucar was a good and honest young man, devoted to his family, and friends. But his Džengiz and his two best friends with whom he is close with his brothers as well, which would give living.

After a long stay in the army, Omer returned to Istanbul, eager and happy to finally woo the woman of his dreams, a beautifulEjšan, however, during his absence, the friends devised a cunning plan and implement casino robbery, killing a guard, and leftenough evidence to be false Umar accuse and condemn the life sentence.

While friends enjoyed the stolen millions, Umar went through hell in jail. In addition to the daily thought of betraying his friends andtheir false testimony, he was physically abused by guards and the prison director, would not so find out where he hid the money from the robbery. In one calculation, and the shooting in the prison, Omer gets very badly injured, but soon afterwards with the helpof Ramiz, a powerful mobster, he manages to pobegde from prison. After Bey goes to the operation and then to his disfiguredand unrecognizable face gets new look, and thus becoming a new person Omer Bajraktar Ezel, young and successfulbusinessman and gambler.

After twelve years of suffering, his hatred of friends has become stronger, and decide as a complete stranger visiting Cyprus in order to avenge them.

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